Patent Searches
Patent Searches

Patent searches can save you a lot of wasted time re-inventing the wheel and also avoid infringing existing Intellectual Property rights.


Our Patent Attorney Firm recommends that Patent Searches should be conducted by a Patent Attorney before you commercialise to work out if you are wasting money and time commercialising the concept.

Patent Searches can take substantial time to sift through worldwide patent abstracts, read them and work out if the concept comes close to your idea, in the context of what Patent laws require. 

Some of our larger corporate clients request comprehensive Patent Searches which can take 3-4 weeks, but it is not usually in the price range of a sole inventor. So we offer preliminary guide Patent Searches for inventors and smaller enterprises where the cash balance is more limited.

Once we have some relevant prior Patents to review, our Patent Attorneys can then provide an opinion on whether your concept can be patented, and provide an opinion on whether you are likely to obtain broad or restricted Patent rights. From there you are in the best position to decide whether you will move forward with the idea and a Patent Application.

Patent Searching requires legal knowledge, case law and experience to work out exactly how close you are to other disclosures.

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If you have a Trademark, we have Trademark Attorneys who can help find if there are potential infringement or litigation issues before you market your proposed brand.

Our comprehensive Trademark Searches go one step further than most Trademark Firms.

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Design searches are important to establish whether your design is unique or previously been registered by a competitor. 

It is similar but not as complex as Patents Searches.

We recommend Patent and Design Searches in case close Patents or Design rights appear by your competitors for improvements to the technology. 

This is important for you to know.

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